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Tardy… 20 March 2011

Filed under: Blogs,Understanding Miffy — Bear75 @ 4:57 pm

I know, I know… tardy doesn’t even begin to cover it!  Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been immersed in work…  Shoddy excuse? = absolutely!  Genuine? = I promise!

After lots of helpful guidance and some hair pulling moments (I’ve told people it’s alopecia so they’ll be more sympathetic…) the screenplay for ‘Understanding Miffy’ is well underway and shaping up to be even better than I’d anticipated.  I’ll admit, converting my own ‘baby’ into something else (meaning harsh cuts and strong compromises while holding dear to its integrity) is much harder than I could have dreamed but the overall strength of the piece is surprising even me.  I knew that I had a great character in Miffy when I found myself intrigued and wanting to meet her but her lasting effect on me has been the real eye-opener as I find myself pining for her company now that the book is finished.  Although much darker than I’ve delved before in my storytelling, Miffy’s overall depth feels like an achievement that I can’t take credit for, as she took on a life of her own.  The screenplay has given me the chance to re-visit some of Miffy’s memorable and perhaps more comedy moments along the path that created her, as well as enjoying again, the seed of hope that was planted.  I can’t wait to share it with you  :0) x


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