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Shameless… 18 November 2011

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Am I really shamelessly plugging my book ‘Best of Friends?’ as a great Christmas present?  You bet your yule log I am!

‘Best of Friends?’ is fundamentally a story about friendship and the daily trials and tribulations we face in trying to establish and maintain relationships that mean something to us.  While not to be considered among the literary masterpieces of Austen or the Brontë sisters; ‘Best of Friends?’ does have a certain charm to it… though I do say so myself :0)

The setting is modern day with an upcoming milestone that has our protagonist looking back at her life and the friendships that shaped her, growing up in a small village with a large group of pals.  The venues, occasions and dialogue may seem all too familiar; hopefully stirring memories of your own misspent youth as you follow Nicky and her merry band of drinking buddies through the past decades.

I couldn’t believe my mince pies when I saw the feedback, as I’ve been lucky enough to receive some pretty amazing 5* reviews so far, including “Addictively written you’ll love every minute of it”, “Laugh out loud funny!!!!”, “A fantastically funny book that you will not be able to put down” and “I laughed so hard, a little bit of wee came out…”  hmm, that last one’s maybe not so good if you’re wearing some festive white, but appreciated none-the-less!

I realised since writing ‘Best of Friends?’ that these characters really did become my best friends and I miss them every day I’m not with them.  I also miss the necessary research I put in regarding the drinking of shots and really bad nightclubs but ’tis the season to be trollied, so I’m sure this will be rectified soon.  I only hope that you’ll pop Nicky et al, in to your stockings to become your very own ‘Best of Friends?’ this Christmas.

Hayley x


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