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Rubbish… 7 March 2012

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Many people who enjoyed ‘Best of Friends?’ (or at least, told me that they did…!) have been asking me when the next book is coming out… the simple answer is – well, there is no simple answer!  I’m a writer; I like to use a 100 words when really only 2 would do  :0)

I did indeed finish ‘Understanding Miffy’ & sent it off with confidence to the PTB (normally Powers That Be but for this purpose I’m going with Publishers That Bestow) & to my honest-to-God surprise they said a big fat Ney… actually, come to think of it; they didn’t say anything!  I cast my line but didn’t get a bite & now in the interesting of chumming up some interest (enough with the fishing metaphors already!) I decided to convert Miffy into a screenplay.

How is this process going? I hear you ask (could just be the voices inside my head again…)  Well, I’m about 3/4 of the way through in chopping up my precious for a condensed screen-friendly adaptation.  I could never have comprehended going in just how much work would be involved in the conversion, which is why, thus far, it is not finished… I know – rubbish!  ;0)   However, I’m sure Miffy of all people would understand that sometimes, despite our best intentions, life gets in the way.  I do hope to get Miffy fully primed & ready for her voyage to a different medium as I truly believe in her & her lovable qualities.  Hopefully we’ll both see you soon xx